We are the LASA graduating class of 2017.

We are committed to building a strong community, promoting powerful friendships, and fostering outstanding academic achievement in the short time that we are together at LASA. We are led by the LASA 2017 Student Council, which works every day to achieve these goals. Scroll down to learn more about our class officers.

Quinn Simpson

Quinn Simpson is a type-A, straight-A student who is passionate about all things LASA. Quinn always has a cool head and clear vision of what Student Council needs to accomplish, and he works hard to make sure it gets done. Quinn enjoys playing bass, late start days and other things that are too complicated to explain in two words.

Oscar Newman
Vice President

With an attention to detail sometimes bordering on obsession, Oscar possesses a level of diligence, determination and reasoning that lends itself to leadership. As Vice President, Oscar's logical viewpoint and predilection for doing things right allows him to actively advise, assist and inform the Student Council. Oscar enjoys programming and is responsible for building and maintaining lasa2017.com.

Raavi Asdar

Raavi Asdar is a hard-working student who always makes sure to achieve the best result for the Student Council and his constituents. Raavi voices the needs of the student body, and always makes sure that everyone’s interests are met. Raavi enjoys everything LASA has to offer, including the seemingly endless mounds of homework.

Shawn Lee

Hyeonseung "Shawn" Lee is the one you can truly trust. Shawn opens his ears to students of LASA, always committed to help LASA move forward to better tomorrow. Shawn knows how to accomplish LASA's needs while meeting all the financial factors given. Shawn enjoys playing flute, playing baseball, and being a part of LASA student community.